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Services and tecnology to integrate educational and academic communities.

Any time. Any moment.


We provide services and technology for academic and educational institutions as well as for companies that require to reach a growing and geographically dispersed community, whenever desired and wherever they are.

Our focus and expertise is in e-Learning and in Open Access publication of any kind of digital resources.

Our approach is "cloud services" to reduce complexity, time and cost.  The customer only provides the content and we take care of the rest, making transparent to the customer the technical issues of setting up and keeping the solution up and running.

Our tools are:

  • Open Source software applications, specific and leaders in each field
  • An experienced team of specialists in each of the areas involved
  • Best practices for successful project management


Multidisciplinary team. IT. Documentation, Library Science, Education, Audiovisual.



Solution design.  Development and customization. Training. Installation, operation, support, maintenance. Hosting. Project management.



Selected portfolio of Open Source applications, leaders in their specific area, customized to the client's needs, delivered as cloud services.


DSPACE Services

DSpace is the leader in Open Source software to build digital repositories for Open Access publication.

We can provide all services required for the design, customization, development, installation and operation of a complete DSpace repository, hosted on our cloud or running in the customer´s own infrastructure.

Working closely with the clients, we can also help them to devise the management processes and to train the people to set up and support an Open Access publication service.


Corporate e-Training

We provide "e-Learning as a Service".  It is a service model devised to those customers wanting to put courses on-line rapidly but have no experience in e-Learning.  Customers needing to avoid the technical complexity and cost of setting up, administering and maintaining their own infrastructure.

We run and support an e-Training platform running in the cloud, where customers can host their courses, customized to their needs.  We also provide all the services to cover the complete life cycle of an on-line course: from its design to the administration.

Properly trained and supported by our team, customers only have to concern themselves with the content courses.

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